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The Boston Bruins’ $156,679 Bar Tab

By | source: Jun 24th, 2011

I would be amazed if I made over $150,000 a year, spending it in one night is unbelievable. After our last hockey filled infograhpic: Gretzky vs. Lemieux I thought I could give this year’s champions some limelight. I am willing to bet money not one member of the team went home sober that night. I hope that hundred-thousand-dollar Champaign was worth it.

Jagerbombs seemed to be one of the team’s most popular drinks, besides Bud Light of course. (I’d put money that Bud is a sponsor. Search their site for the Bud Light logo!

Think about being on the lucky wait-staff for this group. Almost $25,000 in gratuity alone, I know that some waitress somewhere is way too happy. Also, after spending tens-of-thousands of dollars, the Bruins got the attention of the bar owner and was comped one bottle of Champaign. What bar was this at? Because I will never bring my world-championship winning team to this place for just one bottle of bubbly. [Via]