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The Brain of a Serial Killer

By | source: Jul 28th, 2013

What makes people kill?

Every day there are news reports of gruesome murders that cause most of us to cringe. We’re fascinated but repulsed. It seems these serial killers share the same fascination without the repulsion. According to today’s infographic, they might just be wired that way. An abnormal chromosome is all it takes to distinguish a serial murderer from a regular person. They find a kind of release in killing, instead of remorse.

Sociopaths are particularly interesting killers. They have no regard for others and have no actual feelings of empathy for people, yet they can come across as deceivingly charming, seductive, and charismatic.

And according to today’s infographic, many serial killers experience abuse as a child. They also feel that they’ve “never developed a sense of attachment and belonging to the world,” which brings up the subject of nature vs. nurture. These killers may be genetically disposed from birth to eventually become killers, but when coupled with abuse from an early age, the abuse could have been the tipping point that made them kill. If they hadn’t been abused, could this abnormal chromosome and it’s associated characteristics manifested itself in a different way?

Check out today’s infographic for a look inside the mind of a serial murderer. [Via]