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The Car of the Future

By | source: Jan 11th, 2013

Wow! Today’s infographic starts off with a bang: In less than thirty years, 75% of cars will be driven by computers. Yeah, holy crap I did not think this technology would be available in my life time, but as a commuter this is amazing news.

Driving is dangerous, stressful, tiring and expensive – soon a robot will deal with all of that. Imagine going out to the bar.

“Who’s going to DD?”
“Oh, no worries, my robot car will drive us home!”

The autonomous cars that Google is working on are amazing and surprisingly safe. Google says we’ll be driving in them in less than five years from now. I don’t know if I believe that one, but if that’s true I’m sure it will be an expensive ride or tour around the city. I can’t seem to imagine our current government and society to embrace autonomous cars. It seems like too many things can go wrong and there would be nothing the passengers could do to help.

I know the technology is still in a testing period and will only improve. I’m really looking forward to self-driving cars and I believe it is just the beginning of the robot apocalypse. [Via]