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The Craziest Things You Can Eat Around Your House

By | source:Here Dec 8th, 2016

So you’re feeling a little bit hungry, but all your favorite takeout restaurants are closed and you don’t feel like cooking. What do you do next?

You could wallow in your hunger…or you could get creative and eat some non-food items. Ok, you probably won’t do the latter, but if you want to, Aspire Doors has you covered.

Did you know tree bark is edible? We can’t speak to whether it’s tasty, but it can be shredded raw over a salad or boiled and eaten with pasta.

If you’re looking for something a little bit easier to chew, you can try to find some dandelions. Dandelions can be eaten steamed or boiled in tea.

Some of these options seem pretty gnarly: I don’t think I’ll be reaching for leather or chalk anytime soon, no matter how hungry I get. And I’m not sure what my neighbors would think if they saw me outside hunting for squirrels, even though this infographic says squirrel stew is delicious.

Be careful, because some of the foods listed can be toxic if you pick the wrong species. Happy foraging –– and if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers in the fridge, check out these seven delicious meals that can be made with leftovers.