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Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

By | source:Here Dec 9th, 2016

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a squeaky clean bathroom and seeing all that scrubbing finally pay off.

Have you ever been hit with the smell of ammonia while cleaning your shower and questioned if having a clean bathroom is even worth it? Fear not, neat freaks! There are ways you can clean your bathroom without even buying any cleaning products. has compiled a list of some unique and creative ways to both clean your bathroom and eliminate clutter.

To me, the most interesting and useful cleaning tip on the list is the use of black tea to clean the mirror. Who would have known that there is life after Windex? If you can stand the smell of vinegar, employ the dynamic duo of vinegar and baking soda to get that toilet bowl squeaky clean.

Clutter is also a huge problem in most bathrooms. Tame your hair care collection with a spice rack holder –– it’s a perfect place to fit miniature bottles of shampoo and moisturizer. 

Once you scrub your bathroom, check out some cleaning tips you can use all over your home.