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The Secret To Mastering A Musical Instrument

By | source:Here Dec 10th, 2016

Have you ever wanted to learn a musical instrument? If you don’t already play, you’re probably one of the 85% of people that wish they could play an instrument.Many people want to learn guitar, probably simply because it has that “cool factor.” 

Did you know that learning an instrument (especially in the first year) requires a considerable amount of money and time? If you want to learn guitar, you can expect to spend upwards of $1,284 in the first six months when considering the cost of the equipment and lessons.  

I can attest to much of the information in this research done by Incident. The research shows that 23% of people quit their instruments because they were not properly taught. I used to play piano as a child, and ended up quitting for exactly this reason. My teacher was too aggressive and did not cater his teaching style to motivate me.

Perhaps the wisest thing a parent can do is place their children in music lessons. As the study shows, the biggest reason people give for quitting is that they cannot find the time to practice. 

Playing music doesn’t just make you feel like a rock star –– it can also make you smarter. Check out our post on that here.