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The DNA of a Successful Book

By | source: Aug 31st, 2012

Today’s graphic illustrates the ‘perfect’ book. A piece of literature that pleases a broad crowd a lot like pop music. Just like pop music’s 3 minute song, best selling books have a normal length of a little less than four hundred pages. Men are more likely to read a story with a male protagonist, yet a publication with women protagonists are much more likely to become a big hit. Recently books have been said to be losing ground in the entertainment industry – I don’t know if I agree. Books are still huge hits, digitally and physically. For some reason e-book didn’t put paperbacks into the grave – some argue digital sales help sell more physical copies.

I’ve been a book worm my entire life. My entire life except college. Besides re-reading the Hobbit for the upcoming film and a dozen books for classes, I haven’t read for pleasure in almost three years. This is going to change, and as an avid Game of Thrones fan I think I’ll start with A Song of Ice and Fire. My roommate last year spent hours reading the entire seriers in only a few months. We didn’t see him too often, but the literature is supposed to be superb. I’ll be taking a trip to Half Priced Books soon to see what diction they have deals on. [Via]