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The Effect Your Father’s Music Has On Your Own

By | source: Jan 7th, 2012

Whether you like it or not, your parents play a huge role in the way you turn out. Duh. Their influence can spread from style of dress to the way you speak.

This infographic hits home personally, as I’ve  been seeing alot of distant and close relatives other the past few weeks. I quickly and easily noticed that each cousin, niece, and nephew was so different in their own way, but so much like the set of adults that birthed them. The thickness of their Louisiana accent or the inches above or below the waist they wore their pants. All identifiers they’ve acquired pointed back to  one source. The parentals.

It caused me to seek out what traits I was “blessed” to receive from my folks.

The infographic below went down a route I never considered, although it is something very noteworthy. The musical palette. In a few categories, it was spot on. I shamefully admit it picked up on my interests in Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective. But not really, because both bands rock.

Did this chart properly indicate your current day music selections? [Via]