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The Evolution of Headphones

By | source: Dec 3rd, 2012

If there is one accessory that we as Americans use on a daily basis that is almost as prevalent as the smart phone, I would say that it’s probably headphones. Headphones are so incredibly ingrained into our society now that it would be difficult to imagine walking down the street without seeing at least a few people (if not the majority of the people you run across) wearing them. Whether they’re the larger “retro-style” headphones or form-fitting earbuds, headphones are definitely a dominant accessory in the world today.

Today’s infographic from gives us a look at the history of the headphone, from its beginnings in 1919 to the stylistic and comfortable models that convenience our lives today. Although they were able to incorporate radio technology (advanced for the time), the first models were metal and definitely did not feel pleasant on the ears. Fast-forward to today and you’ve got models that fit your ear canal (just don’t play them too loud!) as well as ones that look older but have amazing features such as noise-canceling technology.

For more info on the history and evolution of headphones refer to the infographic below. [Via]

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