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How to Buy A Used Car?

By | source: Dec 2nd, 2012

Hey there, ho there. I am so happy to say that I might be using this infographic soon. Thatâ??s right. I will be burning fossil fuels very soon in a car I call my own.

This infographic tells those who are like myself what to look out for when making a pretty hefty life decision. It is also really nice to see the average amount spent on used vehicles, the top 7 most reliable cars, etc. instead of getting overwhelmed with the crazy amount of options. The infographic shows why mechanics hate the cars at the bottom, which is super clever (and good for us).

So, if you are out there looking for a car, keep this information and these wonderful tips in mind while scouting out the new lady in your life. Itâ??ll help. May you all have a wonderful day! [via]