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The Merry Merits of Milk

By | source: Dec 15th, 2012

No matter that I’ve drank milk my entire life, whenever I drink it, I always get a sense of childhood. I suppose my milk consumption has gone down in the last few years, but I still reminisce on the mmmmmmm so good cereal tainted milk. A cookie’s delicious taste goes up tenfold when soaked in milk. Milk in mac & cheese can make the meal. Milk with a little chocolate syrup is one of the world’s easiest and most delicious desserts.

Ever since the first ‘Got Milk?’ campaign hit the television, milk companies have banded together to get the word out about their product. Its incredibly healthy, especially for kids, and now with all organic milk the additive ridden drink is a thing of the past. The human race will always be in debt to cows- always supplying one of Earth’s nectars to billions across the globe. I’ll I can say for thanks is mooo.[Milk Mustache]