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Cyber Monday in Perspective

By | source: Dec 14th, 2012

Another Cyber Monday has come and gone and with it our money. All this post-Thanksgiving shopping madness has made our nation out to be a bunch of penny pinching lunatics. Oh, I guess the international view of Americans has always been that… There is an upside to our citizens hemorrhaging of cash out of every orifice, economic stimulus.

Have you noticed? Everyone has started thinking our economy is on the up & up and believing that is the first step in actually improving the situation. Jobs are slowly being created, friends graduate from college and can make a living, stores like Radio Shack release the biggest sigh of relief: the future looks… brighter than now!

With many in our government not sure about our future economic stability and studies like this stating a global economic collapse before 2030 is possible – our nation’s economy is all but out of trouble. Don’t let that news get you down. The economy is a finicky thing and right now the future looks peachy. Let’s keep doing our part and shell away our money for useless gadgets and toys cause’ girls and boys – its actually helping.[Broadband Blue]