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The Most Dangerous Cities for Walking

By | source:Here Feb 21st, 2014

If I have to hear the word “walkability” one more time I am going to burn so many tires that all of New York city will suffocate. As an urban planning major, buzzwords like “walkability”, “sustainability”, “multi-mobile” and “density” are thrown around a lot. But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

My professors and the elite above them simply need to figure out a better way to propose such topics. Explaining to a classroom of college students, year after year, that certain streets are not walkable or bike-able is not going to fix the problem.

The more a person hears about how “scary” a street is to walk/bike by the more that person will NOT want to walk/bike. Yes, (shown by the infographic) streets in America are scary to walk on, but they are scary to drive on too! As soon as more people suck it up, get on their bikes, and trust their fellow man to not hit them with their gas fed death boxes the sooner we can get enough people out on the streets to show these ignorant comfort car whores that we do exist.

When this finally happens we can all band together into a safe powerful unit that will take over and own the f-king road. HUZZAH!