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The Nine Most Ludicrous Laws of the Road

By | source:Imgur Feb 20th, 2015

Boom! Right off the bat, the Japanese have shown us being rude isn’t to be tolerated. I have a feeling a lot of you haven’t been splashed by a passerby while you wait for the bus or ride your bike to work, but I have. Puddles are nasty. Filled with toxins, run-off and God knows what. The thing about being a drive-by splash victim is that the drenching isn’t the worst part of the day. First off, it is a crappy day outside. The rain is pelting, the wind is like daggers, the air is dry and cracks the skin. The bus is late and you see this jacked-up F150 barreling down the road, and right behind it is your bus. You step up to the edge of the curb, ready to escape winter’s grasp. In the last second, the asshole in the truck veers over to slosh the grossest wave of brackish liquid, soaking your clothing.

It happens to a lot of us public commuters. Although there are a lot of other crazy laws in this world surrounding the world of automobiles, I can’t agree more with the anti-splash law in Japan. It’s a huge health hazard and every driver should be on the look out for puddles. I avoid them at all costs if I’m driving by a bus stop. Perpetrators should be prosecuted, and ticketed. I know I’m ranting, but this type of behavior should not be allowed anywhere. I hope you never have to experience it. [via]