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The Perks of Working at Home

By | source: Nov 13th, 2012

As a recent grad (Can I still say that? I graduated in May.) with a long commute, working from home seems like a dream. I go into the office Monday through Friday, working from my desk and collaborating with my co workers. While this is helpful for our marketing department, as our ideas are constantly flowing, it is a bit detrimental to my car milage and my gas bill. I will continue to work in the office, but it is great to know that working from home has become an option.

Working from home can save you money, time and ultimately make you a happier worker. If your company allows it and you can swing it, working form home one or two days a week sounds like a dream. Pop in a k-cup, work all morning, whip up a salad and work all afternoon. To top it off, no hour long commute home! Can’t a girl dream… [Via]