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The Tangled Web of English Puddings

By | source:Oh Comely Magazine Jun 11th, 2016

Prepare to be amazed by the scale and intricacy of this cute, convoluted history of English puddings. I think it just barely gets away with calling itself a history, to be honest. There are some arrows denoting puddings evolving into other puddings, and a few historical notes mentioning that, for instance, original “puddings” were stuffed into animal intestines like sausages. But it leaves the reader with a lot more questions that it answers.

What is Selibub? Do I want to know? Does the Buckinghamshire bacon badger actually contain badger? Why is that piece of bread crying? What is Flummery and why does it look like chewed bubble gum? And why the H did he draw the rice pudding bowl like that? Was it standard fare for breastfeeding mothers?

This infographic was not, as far as I can tell, made to promote the book he read to get the pudding information. Nevertheless, it sure has done a good job of making me want to read ‘English Puddings’ by Mary Norwak so I can have some idea of what is going on here.

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