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Benedict Cumbergraphic

By | source:The Mirror Jun 12th, 2016

Do you love Benedict Cumberbatch? Yes. Could his name be any more English? No. Is this the ultimate fan infographic that you’ve been waiting for? Clearly, my dear Watson.

As we should have known, two names is no enough for so fabulous a man. His full name is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, and a beautiful mouthful it is. Though not as good as one of its anagrams – Bedtime Bench Curb Act – which incidentally is also the name of my band that I’ve just made up.

He is 6ft tall, which is pretty tall, but not nearly as tall as they made him look in Star Trek Into Darkness. I thought it was marvelous the way they made him appear abnormally large. It added to his overall air of threat very well.

As far as the fan fiction, from my own limited research on the subject, his characteriation of its content seems absolutely accurate, though perhaps a little tame.

I know you want your Benedict fix (Benefix?) now, but before you settle down to re-watch Into Darkness, refresh your knowledge of Star Trek uniforms with this guide.