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Monthy Python and the Very Long Road Indeed

By | source:Slow Journalism Jun 13th, 2016

Follow the convoluted and eventful careers of everyone’s favorite 20th century six member British absurdist comedy troupe in this wiggly and windy infographic. 

Their most famous work is undoubtedly Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The movie was made into the truly hilarious broadway musical Spamalot in 2005, which could only have made the original movie more well known. Now, I’m quite a big Monty Python fan. For instance, I have read the books of the scripts of both seasons of Monty Pythons Flying Circus and I own a vinyl copy of The Monty Python Instant Record Collection.  However, the vast majority of the stuff on here I have never seen, and in many cases have never heard of.  I think I will start amending this by watching A Complete and Utter History of Britain.

If I may split a hair, where is Faulty Towers? John Cleese’s comedy television show was very popular; surely it could have been squeezed in somewhere.

Before you rush off to see if you can find Parrot Sketch Not Included on YouTube, take a look back at the career of another of our favorite funny fellows, Bill Murray.