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Design Trends to Lead 2019

By | source:Here Feb 16th, 2019

Just like in fashion, digital design has its own seasonal trends. What will be trending this year? Check out these predictions for the leading design elements coming in 2019. Hint: Are you ready for all the color?

For businesses everywhere, custom made illustrations are all the rage. Even though the stock photography market is still alive and kicking, recent statistics show that a well-executed custom made illustration can convert up to 7 times better than any stock picture. The key is using vibrant, bold colors to make your brand pop.

Following on that thought, get ready for bold colors. 2018 saw a steady increase in bright and vibrant colors everywhere. This year, it will only get bigger. Supersaturation is back with a vengeance!

Because our world is more and more globalized, the eclectic trend will be huge in the design world this year. The idea behind it is merging elements from very different backgrounds to make stunning compositions that cause an impact and define the brand.

Not everything will change. Gradients, a design element that saw a big comeback in 2017, is still going strong. Even more, Instagram and Apple are still using them in their branding, so don’t expect gradients to go anywhere this year.

Finally, welcome back the isometric trend. This is a personal favorite of mine. I’m loving the way you can see all the details! Luckily for me, this one will be all the rage in 2019.