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The Ultimate Guide to Having Safer Sex

By | source: Mar 31st, 2017

So you’re on your first date with someone new. It’s going well, and you’re starting to think about getting romantic. But how do you make sure you stay safe before a roll in the hay?

First things first: The average age for a first sexual encounter is 16.9 for boys and 17.4 for girls, and millennials have sex 112 times a year on average.

Now for the not-so-fun stuff: 80 percent of people infected with an STI have no symptoms, and more than half the people affected are under 24 years old.

This infographic recommends getting tested after unprotected sex, if you’ve had multiple partners or if you have suspicious symptoms. Even if none of the above are true, getting tested once a year is still recommended. STIs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes and HPV are some of the most common infections to be aware of.

Sexual safety also involves being careful when you’re out with friends. Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know, and go to the ER if you suspect you’ve been drugged.

If you’re in school, and even if you’re not, it’s important to know how to avoid dangerous situations. Check out our infographic with some statistics about campus sexual assault.