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What You Need To Know About Disney Princesses

By | source:Here Jun 1st, 2021

For most of us, princesses’ tales are as old as time itself–and the Disney iterations of these stories are easily one of the most recognizable brands in our culture.

There’s no denying that Disney is the biggest powerhouse in media, and it just keeps getting bigger! While they now possess all kinds of franchises (including one of the two biggest superheroes brands and one of the most popular space operas in existence) it is interesting to have a look at how their Princesses brand has grown over the years. After all, it may be surprising to discover that the Princesses remain one of the cores of Disney’s power.

This infographic compares the influence of each one of these princesses. It compares their popularity in our culture and how many million dollars did it took to create each one of their films. The lesser one? Snow White, who only cost around $1.5M, and yet how many more dollars did they create in return? I’ll give you a hint, its gross profit is around $184M!

So, magic hair, magic hands, talking and singing with animals, cursed, or kidnapped by an evil witch, there’s no denying the huge influence this trademark possesses in our culture. And we’re probably still going to continue to see new, old, or unseen princesses tales in our future.