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Top TikTok Keywords… China vs The United States

By | source: Mar 23rd, 2022

The cultural differences between China and The United States couldn’t be more extreme. TikTok keywords and trends shines a light on these differences. Let’s compare!

TikTok was created by Zhang Yiming, the founder and CEO of ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company. TikTok is the fastest growing website and application of all time. After taking Asia by storm, it has made its way to the west and is becoming a favorite of teenagers to share short form video.

The biggest trend in TikTok keywords is the huge increase in gaming related content in the North American demographic. It seems that each new platform that gains traction in North America is quickly taken over by gaming and gaming related content.

In China you see more of a trend towards educational content. Much of this may be due to government mandates and a focus placed on the betterment of Chinese society. History, psychology, and other learning materials all have a huge increase in keyword usage over the past year in China.

Other notable topics are finance and self-care. In North America TikTok seems to be an extension of what is popular on other platforms. Gaming, self-care, and finance have all seen positive trends over the past handful of years and TikTok is simply another way to share information on these topics.

Additionally, TikTok has been at the center of controversy lately. With increased tensions between China and The USA, there have been threats to ban the video sharing app from US markets. Concerns over privacy have continued to grow in recent years. While TikTok is still allowed in The USA, the future of the app is becoming increasingly uncertain.