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29 Pricing Tricks That Make You Buy More

By | source:Here May 19th, 2020

Like nearly everyone else in modern society, you are likely constantly bombarded with marketing tactics without even realizing that this is occurring.

As humans, we are constantly exposed to meticulously researched and executed marketing tactics on the regular. How exactly do these tactics make us buy more, you wonder? Well, these tactics are able to override analytical thought by toying with our minds, infiltrating our senses, and tapping into our emotions.

Today’s infographic takes a look at 29 psychological tricks common in marketing that are used to make people buy more. These tactics are often subtle but noticeable enough to cause a difference in how you shop.

For example, have you ever noticed that shop layouts are designed to be confusing and maze-like? Well, this is deliberate. This actually causes people to wander about and see more merchandise than they had initially intended to. This is known as the Gruen Transfer, named after famous mall architect Victor Gruen (who actually hated manipulative tactics like this).

Another popular tactic is the BOGO tactic (Buy one, get one). BOGO compels people to buy something at full price and spend more than they intended. Because they’re getting something ‘free’, most people tend to ignore the fact that the price of one is often actually enough to cover both the original items and the ‘free’ item.

These are just two of the many marketing tactics you likely see every day. Hopefully, today’s infographic will keep you on your toes in the future when you notice these tricks being used in the real world.