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18 Ways To Upgrade Your Hot Chocolate This Winter

By | source:Here Jan 23rd, 2020

For those that love winter, hot chocolate is simply another added perk. Yet, for those of us who despise the winter, hot chocolate can be a method of coping. Curling up with a good movie and a cup of hot chocolate is one of the ways I survive even the most bitter parts of the winter.

One issue for me though, is that I begin to drink hot chocolate as soon as November 1st hits. This leaves me with three more months of using hot chocolate to warm myself after a cold day. I’ll admit that I can start to get sick of it after too long, which is why I was thrilled to find some new recipes to upgrade from the standard hot chocolate powder that comes in a pack. 

It’s not that I don’t also love those little hot cocoa packs that are oh so easy to make, I just want something new after a while. If you’re a fan of chocolate and fruit, then the orange zest hot chocolate recipe is for you. For anyone who loves spicy food, try the Aztec hot chocolate recipe with a pinch of hot cayenne in it. 

Never get bored of hot chocolate again when you’re making all 18 of these amazing recipes.