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US Police Brutality

By | source: Sep 22nd, 2010

I believe police brutality happens too often in America. It seems that even when a cop gets convicted they still aren’t punished like any other citizen would be.

Here is a video of some brutality happening to a kid celebrating his team winning a football game. He doesn’t seem like he is threatening the cops at all, yet they jump him. I’ve read somewhere else that in the police report for this they said he was messing with a cop’s horse and the horse kicked him in the face or something. What a boldface lie.

This example isn’t brutality, but it is still pretty screwed up. Ex-trooper speeds at over 100 mph and crosses the median while texting and hits 4 people head on, killing 2 girls. He only gets a 30 month probation period and is suspended from work. Well kinda suspended, they continue paying him for 2 years. Then what nerve does this guy have? He is now filing for worker’s compensation. What a jerk.

And people say cops aren’t above the law. [Via]