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How Old Are Modern US Presidents?

By | source:Here Apr 30th, 2021

Today’s infographic takes a look at the last few presidents of the United States. More specifically, the ages they were when they started their presidency.

In the United States, there are a few qualifications you likely need to run for the presidency. One of these is age, and in the United States, you have to be at least 35 years old. This infographic isolates that one qualification and takes a look at the last ten presidents and what age they were when they ascended to the presidency.

The list starts at Richard Nixon’s presidency, and we see that he was in his mid-50s when he took office. From that point on, the list really fluctuates, with both older (Ronald Reagan, 70) and younger (Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, 40s) candidates taking office.

More recently, it seems that there is a shift towards older candidates. At the time he took office, Donald Trump was the oldest president at the start of his term, and this tradition continued with the current president, Joe Biden.

It’s interesting to see the age of each of these men at the start of their terms. These numbers may reveal more about our country at the time of the election, among more things. If this interested you, be sure to check out another one of our infographics regarding presidents!