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Vaccines: Quick Facts

By | source:Here Apr 26th, 2019

Still a hot topic in various circles around the world, vaccines have been getting more press in recent times.  Introduced all the way back in the late 1700’s, it has been preventing diseases from wreaking havoc all over the world.  If Edward Jenner were still around, he’d probably be shocked by the amount of people refusing to get vaccinated.

Currently, UNICEF alone is reaching around half of the world’s children with vaccines that save lives.  This includes 85% of children under one year old that have been successfully been given immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.  Luckily, some companies and organizations are doing their best to provide help for those in need.

In Africa, where healthcare is still below standards, immunizations are protecting a large portion of the population against yellow fever.  By the time 2026 rolls around, 1 billion people will be vaccinated, half of which includes children under 15 years of age.

People in some countries are suffering, because they can’t get adequate help with disease prevention.  On the other hand, growing number of people get full benefits related to immunization from the government, but refuse to take advantage.  This may sound like a satirical novel, but unfortunately, it’s just a part of today’s world.