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What are the Best Selling Video Games of All Time?

By | source:Here Jan 14th, 2022

Over the past two decades video games have gone from a small hobby to a multi billion dollar business. Here is he list of the best selling video games of all time so far…

What is the top selling video game of all time?

The top selling video game of all time is Minecraft. Released in 2011 by Mojang studies, Minecraft has become a global sensation. It is the top selling video game by a significant margin with 238 millions copies sold.

The next highest selling game of all time after Minecraft is Grand Theft Auto V. It was released in 2013 and has sold 150 million copies worldwide. Grand Theft Auto is a popular franchise produced by Rockstar Games and appears on the list of best selling games multiple times.

The 3rd highest selling game of all time is not what you would expect. Tetris, made by EA Games Mobile comes in at number three all time with 100 million in total sales. A remake of the classic puzzle game, Tetris has been a fan favorite for decades.

Top Ten Best Selling Video Games

  1. Minecraft – 238 million
  2. Grand Theft Auto V – 150 million
  3. Tetris (EA) – 100 million
  4. Wii Sports – 82.9 million
  5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 70 million
  6. Super Mario Bros. – 58 million
  7. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow – 47.5 million
  8. Mario Kart 8 – 45.5 million
  9. Wii Fit – 43.8 million
  10. Tetris (Nintendo) – 43 million