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What Google Knows About You

By | source:Here Aug 23rd, 2017

These days we cruise around with a smartphone jammed in our pockets or cradled in the palm of the hand.  We browse freely, chat with friends across the world, and share personal moments, every second of the day.

Many of us choose different tech ecosystems, whether it’s Apple iphones vs  Android phones or Google Gmail vs Microsoft Outlook.   But the truth is there aren’t that many choices.  Google has emerged as a dominant internet site offering services most Americans probably use at least once a day.

Over the years, Google has also been in the position to gather a vast amount of information.  For instance, Google knows your contacts, your search history, even your conversations with other people. Of course, you have to be using their services for them to acquire this data, you can opt out, and it is password protected.

Google has several methods for you to see what data it collects :

You might be able to figure out what you were doing 3 years ago on this exact date, including what video you watched on Youtube and what searches you did.

For the slightly weary, these data collection settings are changeable under “My Account”, “Personal info & privacy”.