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What If CPR Was The Difference Between Life And Death For Your Dog?

By | source:TruDog Dec 8th, 2018

Most of us receive human CPR training, at some point in our lives, whether through school or at work. But did you know that dogs need CPR also?

The cost of owning a pet can be high, as any dog owner knows. But this life-saving move doesn’t require any expensive equipment or special instructions. CPR is a technique that should be used if your dog experiences a medical emergency and their breathing or heart rate stops. Performing CPR helps keep blood flowing to their vital organs.

The steps are not dissimilar to what you would do in human CPR. You move the dog to their side, perform chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 a minute, and breathe into their nose at regular intervals. Of course, an infographic is not a substitute for proper medical training or the advice of a veterinarian, but now you have a head start when it comes to saving doggie lives.

The best part is that this advice doesn’t just apply to your pet—it could help save any dog in need. Only 58% of pet owners are “somewhat likely” to perform CPR on a dog, so by using your newfound knowledge, you could save a beloved pet’s life.