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The Bizarre Ways 9 Iconic Creators Found Inspiration

By | source:Here Dec 7th, 2018

The ways people search for their ideas can be both odd and dangerous. From laying down to headstands, find out how these 9 creators found inspiration in unique ways.

While many of the great creative minds find a muse, travel to new surroundings, listen to complex music, or have a few stiff drinks to generate ideas, Japanese inventor Nakamatsu Yoshiro nearly drowns himself as he swims for ideas.

Yoshiro dives into a pool of water and remains underwater until he comes up with his next invention. With a $50 million net worth and more than 4,000 patents, the method must be working while also improving his lung capacity.

Coffee inspires many people to wake up in the morning, but the 50 cups a day that writer Honore de Balzac drank are way out of the ordinary. There is some controversy whether the famed novelist and playwright actually drank 50 cups or made a dozen highly-concentrate brews that gave him cerebral power.

The Zen master Steve Jobs, who basically created the modern world, plunged his feet in the toilets of the company restrooms to relieve stress and get his mind working. This doesn’t surprise me, as he was known to have hygiene issues and walked around barefoot.

Considering all of the odd ways that our world’s greatest minds find creative inspiration, you might assume they were a bit touched, and that is what created their awe-inspiring work. So, stand on your head, sleep with a key in your hand, take baths with apple cores, wear different hats while you work, and just be altogether weird to find inspiration.