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What Is Your Skin Type Guide

By | source:Here May 2nd, 2023

The importance of identifying your skin type is highlighted by this helpful infographic. But what exactly does skin type mean? Skin type refers to the condition of your skin, which is influenced by genetics, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors. While we can control and protect against environmental and lifestyle factors, our genetics are fixed and require careful consideration.
Understanding your skin type is crucial because different skin types require distinct forms of care. What may work well for one skin type could be harmful to another. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate your skin type before purchasing any skincare products or attempting new regimens.
It’s worth noting that skin types can change daily, particularly for women. Women’s monthly cycles and hormonal changes frequently cause fluctuations in their skin type. For example, a woman with dry skin may find that her skin becomes oily for one or two weeks during the month. Moreover, skin type can alter over time due to environmental factors, hormones, age, and personal health or medical issues. Therefore, it’s critical to assess your skin type regularly to ensure it remains consistent.