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What Type of Procrastinator are You?

By | Oct 3rd, 2016

Maybe you’re on of those rare people who never puts anything off, but on the off-chance that you’re not, here are some tips for you.

You may fall somewher between the outlined categories, but there’s sure to be something on this flowchart that resonates with you, and something in the advice section that you can put to good use.

It’s helpful to remember that procrastination is just a habit, like chewing your nails. Sure, procrastination is a lot more complicated and made up of lots of psychological reactions and constituent habits, but it’s still just as possible to change your procrastinating behavior as it is to learn to put the god***n toilet seat down.

So now that you’ve identified your procrastination type, check our 15 Ways to Beat Procrastination infographic for more stratigies to get the job done before it’s time for panic stations. Go do it now. Right now. Really though, click the link. No, don’t check Snapchat first. Don’t do it! Begin planning your anti-procrastination strategy with an auspicious start by not putting it off until later. Fly the the eagle into your new domain of productivity. Godspeed.