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What’s Checked on an MOT Test?

By | source:MyCarNeedsA Feb 3rd, 2016

Just like here in the states, vehicles in Great Britain must undergo a yearly examination. This test looks at plenty of different aspects of vehicle safety and performance. Knowing what is checked during a MOT can be very beneficial to the driver. Failing a MOT can lead to steep bills from the auto shop in repairs and labor. Check out today’s infographic to make sure your auto is ready for the MOT.

There are four ares of the car your mechanic will be checking: internal, external, under the bonnet, and under the vehicle. Most people know that many safety features are checked during a MOT. Seat belts, they’ll make sure your horn works, they might even give it a spin to check on the breaks and suspension, but there are plenty of items they’ll look at which could need to be fixed.

Next time you’re getting the car ready for MOT, check this list and don’t get stuck with an unexpected bill.