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How To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence And Communicate Well

By | source:Here Feb 5th, 2018

When I was in school, there were two types of people: those with street smarts and those with book smarts. Emotional intelligence wasn’t included in either category or even discussed at all. Yet it can be a strong predictor of happiness.

What is emotional intelligence, commonly known as EI?  It doesn’t have much to do with manners — instead, it’s the ability to effectively use, understand, and manage your emotions.

Today’s graphic introduces a flow chart that can help you map out how emotionally intelligent you may be based on a few scenarios. It offers eight possible ratings of your strengths and weaknesses. The graphic told me that I manage my feelings well, but could work on perceiving emotions and using them effectively. Something interesting to consider: I may answer the questions differently depending on my mood.

This infographic offers many ways to improve your emotional weaknesses, so take advantage of the suggestions. If you need to improve your EI, the graphic suggests asking yourself probing questions and taking a step back. If you need to work on understanding and perceiving emotions, the graphic suggests giving yourself time to reflect and to observe strangers and create narratives based on what they might be thinking. Finally, the graphic says that if you need work on managing emotions, you should douse your face in cold water because it can reduce anxiety levels.