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Super Bowl LII: History In The Making

By | source:Here Feb 4th, 2018

Here we are, at Super Bowl Sunday. Breakout the pizza and beers, hang out with friends, and watch the biggest football game of the year. This year, the New England Patriots will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles to see who will reign supreme.

The Super Bowl first occurred in the year 1967. Since then, there have 19 teams who have gone on to win the title, some more than once. My favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, reign supreme with 6 Super Bowl titles under their belt. Who knows, maybe New England will tie up with them after today!

One of the reasons some viewers like to watch the Super Bowl is their ridiculous commercials. The Super Bowl is advertiser’s golden opportunity to sell a product. Last year alone, TV advertisers gained 5.05 million dollars from their commercials. Franchises kill the advertising game this time of year.

Speaking of spending, the Super Bowl is considered to be one of the largest consumer spending days of the year. The U.S. spent 14.1 billion dollars on the Super Bowl in 2017. This accounts for food, drinks, decorations, and more.

This is going to be an intense game, and I personally can’t pick a winner. Not familiar with American football? The history of the Super Bowl is a long and storied one, not without controversy surrounding the game itself and potential injuries.  For most of America though, and perhaps some of the rest of the world, it is a prime time sports event of the year.

Have a great time at your Super Bowl watch party!