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When You Should Actually Book Your Next Vacation

By | source:Here Apr 13th, 2017

My husband and I are planning to visit England and France next year, and we’re really excited. Unfortunately, planning a vacation halfway around the world isn’t cheap.

Knowing when to book flights can help you save money as you plan your dream trip. If you’re flying within the U.S., book between three and seven weeks out. If you’re heading over to Europe like me, planning ahead is key: Trips should be booked eight to ten months out.

For Caribbean trips, flights are cheapest two to three weeks out, and central American flights hit their lowest prices about a month before your arrival date.

Once you know when to book, it’s important to think about how you’re going to travel. Departing and returning over the weekend is usually most expensive, but it’s typically cheaper to book on the weekend.

Leaving on a Tuesday or Wednesday will save you money, and returning home on Monday can also save you some cash.

Once you’ve got your flight down, you still have to figure out how you’re going to afford your trip. Here are eight ways to stretch your travel budget.