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The Ultimate Engagement and Wedding Ring Guide

By | source:Here Apr 14th, 2017

Getting engaged is pretty magical––there’s nothing quite like asking the person you love to marry you. But with so much pressure these days for an Instagram-worthy proposal, the details can get confusing.

So you know you want to propose––how much do you spend on the ring?

The most important factor is your fiancée’s preferences. 75% of first-time brides receive a diamond ring, but 25% choose something else. The average carat size for the center stone in a ring is less than one carat, and Americans spend anywhere from $2,807 to $3,576.

Shockingly enough, 28% of women would turn down a proposal if they hated the ring. Maybe they view it as a symptom of bigger problems in the relationship?

You’re not done spending once you find an engagement ring. Wedding bands typically cost around $2,100, although you can find them for much less. The width of a wedding band typically depends on the size of the engagement ring.

Finally, $72 billion is spent just on weddings every year in the U.S. Whew.

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