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Why Are Your Plants Unhappy?

By | source:Safer Brand Aug 10th, 2015

Plants have been growing on this earth since before the earliest pre-ancestors of humans even thought about squiggling up out of the oceans, so why can they be so darn hard to keep alive? This infographic is a simple and pleasant guide to the common problems that your leafy friends might be running into. As someone who manages to let succulents die, I’m going to be keeping this info close at hand.

But maybe you’re not just messing with a couple of houseplants like I am. If you’re doing some for real gardening, may I suggest this attractive and helpful guide to when fruits, veggies, and herbs are in season in the Northern Hemisphere? To my Southern Hemisphere peeps, sorry! I just cannot find a corresponding infographic. Here’s a site that has planting seasons for both hemispheres based on climate zones.

Fortunately, the effects of magnesium deficiency don’t vary across the globe, so this infographic will work for all of us. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go water my plants. And maybe rotate them? That’s a thing, right? Or is that just car tires?