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Why Save PBS?

By | source: Feb 25th, 2011

There are some rumors surfacing about possibly cutting the budget for PBS. As much of a Ron Swanson I believe I am, I could never live without PBS. I would like to say my entire generation grew up with Sesame Street but, I think a more accurate statement would be a few entire generations grew up with Big Bird and friends.

Besides Sesame Street I also enjoyed Barney as a youngster. I never got to see much because my brother liked to put on TMNT instead. It is okay though, I put on Nat Geo whenever he’s watching Jersey Shore now. I think the show I watched the most when I was little was probably Reading Rainbow. Take a look, it’s in a book, the best show everrr. I’m so glad that I read a bunch of books as a kid, they were the bomb. Lavar Burton helped me, and thousands of others, become excellent readers. I learned so much from the children shows on PBS — I’d say they were a vital part of my childhood.

In the present, I still enjoy PBS, but I do watch it less. One of the best shows has to be Austin City Limits. Any band or music performer who’s made a name for themselves have played on this show. Going steady for over 3 decades, the real Austin City Limits isn’t that over-crowded high-schooler music fest you’ve heard about. With a 2000 capacity venue and in a brand new shiny high-rise in downtown Austin, it would be a such a let-down to cut the show. [Via]

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