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Woof Woof: The Evolution of the Dog

By | source:Visually May 13th, 2015

Any dog lovers out there?! I know I couldn’t live with out my four-legged friend by my side. Brodie is my 30 pound mutt who looks like a cross between a dingo and a fox. I adopted him from the local shelter and I’ve got to stress the importance of rescuing pets. Brodie’s life has improved ten-fold. He’s a new man with a silly grin.

Enough with my preaching, just kidding… DON’T SUPPORT PUPPY MILLS. And now we can move on to the graphic at hand, how dogs became man’s best friend. The first symbiotic relationship between canines and humans began when people started feeding wolves and adopting their pups. Since then, selective breeding has led to the creation of thousands of different breeds across the globe.

Each subset of dog breed was usually bred for a specific task. Hunting, retrieving, and racing are just a few of the most popular reasons. The most important thing a dog can give an owner is unconditional love, so go out there and adopt you some.