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How To Properly Use A Mobile Phone Around The World

By | source:Here Apr 27th, 2022

You’re a citizen of the world, and you’re not content to be tethered to one country—or to one phone plan. You want to be able to call anyone, anywhere, at any time. But cellphone etiquette varies widely between countries. What’s appropriate in one place may be a serious faux pas in another. Read on for how to properly use your phone while you travel so that you can avoid offending the locals and stay connected with everyone back home!

Cellphone etiquette varies widely between countries!

Culture and etiquette are not the same thing. Many commonalities exist between cultures—after all, humans are humans no matter where they come from—but cultural differences in how people use their mobile devices also exist.

For example, while Americans may be quick to answer a phone call, many other countries frown upon just answering without saying “hello” or “please stand by.” Also, Americans tend to move aside for someone on their phone; people in other countries do not always do this but may simply continue walking alongside you and chat away as if you weren’t there. The infographic above serves as a guide in the different phone etiquettes around the world.