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How Much Your Fav Youtuber Really Makes

By | source:Here Feb 12th, 2020

There’s a very particular point in one’s life–a turning point…an adulthood rite of passage even–when a certain depressing thought hits: “Wow, every celebrity I see is like a decade younger than me, and they’re earning the equivalent of my whole net worth every week.” Well, if you want to hit that feeling earlier and more intensely than ever, dive into the world of Youtube creators and their per minute earnings.

There are a lot of myths about Youtube users, and equally so for Youtube creators. People have recently taken to viewing the platform as a get-rich-quick scheme, while actually only a slim percentage of Youtubers make any money at all. In fact, a large proportion of those who do already had a brand, following, or sufficient money to produce slick content from the start.

But for those at the top, Youtube is undeniably lucrative. Seven-year-old toy reviewer (see? feel old yet?) Ryan Toys Review earns $5,204.92 per minute of video uploaded, while 22-year-old slow-motion car crash Jake Paul earns $8,511.14 per minute of video. These figures pale next to Jeffree Star’s $10,077.99 per minute of video–a figure that is certainly driven in part by his own makeup brand, but also by the regular racism and bullying controversies. On Youtube, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it gets clicks.