Fruit for Health [infographic]

May 9, 2013 |  by  |  Food, Health

Most fruits are packed with many vitamins and fiber necessary for a balanced diet. Instead of spending money on vitamin pills, a yummy way of getting your required amount of vitamins is to eat them straight from the food source!  Living on a clean, raw diet that includes fruit can have it’s perks that include weight loss, increased energy, and better health overall!

Today’s inforgraphic lists the benefits of 20 different fruits for a healthy lifestyle. It is amazing to see the healing properties many of these little fruits contain! However, beware if you are diabetic. While fruit is packed with important vitamins,  it is also packed with sugar that can be harmful to a diabetic’s body. Therefore, eat fruits in moderation and seek an alternative method of receiving the daily required amount of vitamins. [via]



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  • Terry Foecke

    The comment about diabetes could be worded better. At a minimum it is probably best to provide a caution rather than suggest that diabetics mostly avoid fruit. “Packed with sugar” is a particularly incautious statement when applied to all the different fruits in your graphic. Sugar type, exact type of fruit, other foods eaten at the same time, the stage of diabetes, activity level–all can have a big effect on food choice. Fruit is such a good food; it is worth some investigation to work out what works for each individual.

  • Rachel Thomas

    Banana… ‘because they bot..’ they both what?

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