Geeks vs Nerds [infographic]

January 9, 2012 |  by  |  Funny

I have a pretty cool infographic for you guys today, Geeks vs. Nerds, which one are you? We see them everywhere, geeks and nerds, maybe you even see them in the mirror, but how different are they really? Well for one thing it comes down to the whole pc vs mac debate, geeks like to use macs because they’re cool where as nerds use pcs. From today’s infographic I would say the modern day geeks has a lot in common with the hipster of today. Enjoy and don’t forget to share! [via]

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Geek vs Nerd

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  • Moops

    Shit, I must be some horrible hybrid then.

    • Diane Williams

       yep, i’ve morphed into a freakin’ gerd or maybe a neek.

    • Justin Goro

      Yeah, I call bs on this article. I’m a geek who programs, likes the matrix and prefers PC.
      I’m pretty sure both geeks and nerds know how to program. It’s not some unobtainable skill anymore.

    • Kazi Iqbal


  • quichea

    can a geek be a nerd?

    • Justin Goro

      Seems like it. I definitely don’t fit neatly into either category.

  • Fuck Shitsdale

    fuck this, wrong wrong wrong. all stereotypical mainstream bullshit, wouldn’t be surprised if hollywood was behind this shit mountain.

    • DrRansom

      Your irony is lovely.  Great jorb. :)

    • Zachary Johnson

      lol the hollywood sign is actually on a mountain surrounded by some seriously trampy suburbs; holywood is totally ON this shit mountain!

  • cindel

    Subtle attempt to make Mac users look slightly cooler. Nice try.

  • Nemo Nobody

    this is shit.

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  • ZombiePinUp

    woah….. who wrote this??? think they confused geeks with hipsters O.o

    • ericapocalypse

      the most significant difference between a geek and a hipster is that a geek is excited to share his/her passions with others, while a hipster abandons his/her passions when someone else expresses interest in them.

    • Seraphic Paladin

      0.0 you saw that too? I thought the definition of hipster and geek became intertwined at some point in the past few years, but personally on another but similar, you shouldn’t self identify yourself, I mean people who willingly and enthusiastically call themselves nerds or wear (may the Gods have mercy on me for what I’m about to type) “I <3 Nerds" propaganda tend to be the exact opposite and tend to be hipsters. Point being one shouldn't confuse level-headed coherency and average intelligence for being a nerd, a mistake that happens far too often.

    • Zachary Johnson

      nah, these days, tech is in, so geeks are probably ahead. tech is in, mate. gaming is more social now than networking (ignoring the dorks). and geek movies tend to have better music scores, plots and polish.

    • Justin Goro

      This is definitely the worse infographic I’ve seen in ages. It’s just all wrong.

  • Glenda Carmack

    I had to share this, it was just too much fun not to. :)

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  • Anonymous

    Whoever came up with this has watched the “Mac or PC” Apple ads way too many times.

    Good thing I don’t look to some crappy “buy a masters degree!” website to define culture.

  • Lov3crafter

    Geeks are not hipsters. Damn N00b. 

  • J T

    nothing about comics? …

    this is shit. [2]

  • Lauren

    A bigger pile of pants than a student laundry basket.  You really don’t understand the subcultures you are referring to, and I take offense at some of it.

  • Mustafa Kurtuldu

    What a load of bollox

  • a_blind_goldfish

    i broke the infographic… to much crossover and complete blank spots. guess that just makes me a HUMAN BEING.

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  • techrsr

    This is all wrong.

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  • Sernus

    “Utterly deceptive twaddle-speak, says I!”

    • Zachary Johnson

      lol great dr.seuss obscure link! genius…

  • ryancaldwell

    they just put out another one called Geeks vs Hipsters:

    • Ray Feighery

      And on that one they COMBINE the “Geek” and “Nerd” traits. Does make the vaild point about Geeks being “Obsessive” and Hipsters “Dismissive”

    • Ganondox

      Looks like I’m neekster.

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  • Super_jodes

    I agree more with George Takei — 

  • Hbhs


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  • Russell

    …. wtf?  I guess DIEGO MARTINEZ-MONCADA considers himself a geek …. this is obviously biased. Where did you get the data about who prefers to be called a geek over a nerd? and why is being called a geek rather than a hipster even relevant? that’s like asking a football player if he’d rather be called a football player or a baseball player.. good job. At least you’re getting attention from the crap you write. The graphics are appealing… but you should appreciate the attention you’re getting from writing something so…  I can’t even think of a word for it. Stupid? Wrong? Stereotypical? Insane? 

  • Chris Hubbell

    Sense when do only nerds like star trek? What about the ultimate Sci-f, Dr. Who?

    • Eugene

      I once discovered Dr.Who novels in my high school library back in the day.. I read all of them (they must have been more than 20 :)


  • Sam Dunlevie
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  • Tony Foster

    I’m firmly implanted in my nerdom… & if someone will get me the source code to the world, I’ll make it open source, & then we nerds will change the world.

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  • mahogany74

    So basically all of you are nerds. 

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  • speeverson

    not mentioned, but: george takai is not a demi-god, get over it

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  • Kalith

    I call Shenanigans.

  • L C

    I too am a hybrid a neek.

  • adolf

    This is fucking stupid

  • TheProudNoob

    So geeks are often gamers, but they HAVE to buy apple products? This info graphic is completely wrong.

    *whips out iPhone/iPad mini* = instantly cool?

    If that part is true, then geeks are iSheep.

    Adopts new gadgets? How about every iPhone, every year? Most of the people I see with iPhones don’t fit into the geek or nerd category, but are mostly part of the masses (my dad and my brother prefer simplicity and elegance over raw function).

    The actual ONLY separator between geeks and nerds is that nerds are socially awkward. It has nothing to do with academics. And that nerd looks like a nerd back from the 70s…

    • Zachary Johnson

      true, spoilt freshees carry ipods around thinking it makes them look rich and cool. they don’t even know about the actual cool indie games but are in it for the music. Ipods actually don’t have an equaliser or audio filters, and itunes sync is useless because of the killer slow internet chip. the latest one starts to fix these problems, but it is better to buy an iphone anyway, or leave it. the new ipod is $O £XP£NSIV£!

    • Ganondox

      The real difference isn’t nerds are socially awkward, it’s that nerds are academic focused while geeks are tech focused. The problem is that tech has been mainstreamed, and stupid hipsters are calling themselves geeks.

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  • Bel BosCk

    And when you are at the both sides… you are a Nerdeek! o/

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  • Carlo Grazioli

    70% geek, 20% nerd, 10% none of the above :)

  • Jason Boyd

    That isn’t geek, that’s hipster. And FYI a mac is a PC

    • Ray Feighery

      Yes they’re both Personal Computers “PC” has become synonymous with Windows Machines which was his point. .

    • Zachary Johnson

      He’s an idiot. Apple groupies are mainstream iSheep who downgrade function for intuitivity. A geek would have a rooted Cyanogen Android or no phone.

  • gmo

    This is not right. This is a hipster not a geek.
    geek =/= hipster.

  • tony

    this is bias to geeks since a geek (graphic designer) would have made this!

    • Seersucker

      #false a nerd complied the information the geek just translated it into a visual representation

  • navs

    so lame!

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  • Geno Martinez

    So I’m a gnerd?

  • Shervin

    This was a bit like reading a horoscope. I could relate to both of them

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  • HomOmaha

    Well, I don’t know you guys, but I am the only owner of my life. So, nobody tells me what “label” put on me.

    Stop trying to deshumanize people and transform them into a few molds. Long life to self determination and freetough.

  • HomOmaha

    Well, I don’t know you guys, but I am the only owner of my life. So, nobody tells me what “label” put on me.

    Stop trying to deshumanize people and transform them into a few molds. Long life to self determination and freetough.

  • Scarlet

    I reject this hypothesis. I find in my professional life that many people who identify as either geek or nerd are usually a hybrid of both proposed. I, myself, have strong traits from both categories. The only thing I would really reject, here, are the use of macs by a geek, self identified or otherwise. Lets face it, macs are for people who aren’t smart enough to figure out a PC. And to try and weasel those into either definition is just silly.

    Pop quiz: How many other technologically advanced countries around the planet predominately use macs?

  • Stasher

    Got the origin of Geek half right. It does come from the circus, but I learned it’s like some sort of tribe of primatives that bite the heads off of live chickens. Look up, Barnum and Baileys circus.

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  • bbsimmons

    im a nerd…. by these standards… I am who I am.

  • Hybreed

    Games on a Mac? Really?

  • Guest

    This confuses “geek” with “Mactard”.

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  • PanLeszek

    Where’s Star Wars? It’s the best connection between those two groups!

  • Asphyxiation

    Fuck this load of bullshit….
    To say the least.

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  • JvB

    Looks like a self-identified “geek” made this to brag about how cool they are for being a “geek” (hence, the claim of graphic artists being “geeks”). You’re trying to define relativistic semantics that no one cares about. Leave geeks and nerds alone; you are neither one.

  • JvB

    Looks like an insecure popular person made this to ride the being-geeky/nerdy-is-cool wave and feel better about themselves. Hipsters like this are as narcissistic as possible.

  • tw

    Please stop – hipsters are not geeks. Hipsters are already trying to take everything over, next they’ll try to takeover “nerd”.

  • qzpdljpn

    no self repsecting nerd or geek or anyone who knows the first goddamned thing about computers would use a mac. what you call a geek is a trendy dipshit who uses the internet a lot also known as a hipster

    • Ray Feighery

      Guess I’ll tell that to the majority of our software development department! Mac’s can run multiple OS so you can have MacOS, Unix and Windows all running which is why most software developers use them. If you’re a geek you should know that. BTW all but one also use iPhone’s for those insisting that’s inaccurate as well. There are technical reasons for that. For the record our software is Windows Server based.

      • qzpdljpn

        apparently you have no need of hardware or fun because open architecture is a must. geeks and nerds like their computers, they want to use them for stuff, with an apple its a constant battle unless you accept default

  • frankob

    For one thing, I think the PC vs Mac distinction is something that no geek nor nerd see as valid anymore… Today’s Macs (with Intel CPUs) could be considered just overpriced PC variants, while Mac OS X is nothing but a closed up and over-restrictive Unix derivative.
    PPC’s, Amiga derivatives and ARM-based devices are to be considered something else, not Macs. While GNU/Linux runs on all mentioned hardware, anyway… :-p

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  • Darren Curtis II

    I am a freakin’ hybrid, am I a gnerd? No wonder why I cannot understand myself at times or know wtf I am.

  • DL1234

    60% of the time, it works EVERY time. Not “60% of the time it works all the time”

  • julie

    Geeks an hipsters are not the same! I’m a geek, dont try to call me a hipster also!!!!!!

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