Nom The Vote [infographic]

July 12, 2011 |  by  |  Food, Politics

This infographic definitely makes me hungry, mostly for some chicken curry, bistro fries and some wine. And while I would identify myself as a liberal, every once in a while I could go for some meatloaf and a soda. So this may not be completely accurate, it is a good indication of who I would like to take out to dinner. [Via]


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  • Justsomerandomgraphicdesigner

    Very bios infographic!
    The person who made it is very talented at graphic arts but has no idea what ether of these categories mean.  For instance on the organic food category i would say most people who grow their own food or own a farm know where there seeds come from.  People who buy them in the store have no idea.  The seafood part, i would say most liberals cannot even clean a fish.  The tap water thing probably has to do with location, like the mid west flatlanders water would be an example compared to high mountain western water.  I guess all these stats come down to someone click on on the category of what political philosophy they think they are.  I would say 99% of people have no idea what a lib or conservative is.  Expanding  government to protect civil liberties vs shrinking government to protect civil liberties.  Not trying to have a political debate on the internet of course but would be interested if they asked a series of questions to attribute political ideology or had one checkbox for affiliation.