Spotify vs. Pandora: The Pros and Cons [Infographic]

March 4, 2013 |  by  |  Entertainment, Music

Listening to music has always been popular with people, so it’s only natural for music to become increasingly prevalent in our lives as our technology for it grows. With the number of smart phones and computers being used on a daily basis now, music has become more accessible than ever before and very much a regular part of our lives. There are many different ways that people can enjoy their tunes with phones and computers, and two of the most popular music apps, Spotify and Pandora, deliver their product using pretty different methods.

Today’s infographic from Mashable gives us a look at the history of Spotify and Pandora as well as the positive qualities and drawbacks for each. For instance, Spotify boasts an impressive library of more than 20 million songs to choose from, but the service is only free for 6 months and then users can only listen to 10 hours per month for free. Meanwhile, Pandora’s setup allows users to learn about and listen to new music, which is great, but there is also no way to rewind or repeat tracks that you may want to listen to again.

For more information on ups and downs for Spotify and Pandora have a look at the infographic below. [Via]

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  • studioxswe

    Spotify has, according to their website 700 employees.

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  • captain spaulding

    spotify is good for queuing and listening to music you know, albums especially. this costs me $10/mo.

    pandora is good for listening to themed stations. having the music genome database with detailed attributes for every one of their 1M tracks allows pandora to understand better my crafting of a station. for this i pay $3/mo.

    pandora is a unique offering, no other service i’ve tried including spotify, groovshark, jango, etc have met their ability to keep a station’s music close to the seed. they end up thrashing. pandora on the other hand does not offer the ability to immediately play a selected track. most other services do this. due to pandora’s licensing they can play music that is not legally available due to licensing restrictions on other stations such as pink floyd or the beatles.

    i love pandora and i consider the $3/mo money very well spent. in my opinion grooveshark may be a better service than spotify.

  • Wagananda

    I have both for different reasons. Pandora for music discovery: their algorithm from the music genome project, is currently the best especially if you have an eclectic taste. Spotify has a decent radio function but the playlist feature is just impressive: Imagine having your ITunes on the ‘Cloud’ and having access to 20 millions songs that you can listen anytime. Now when I find songs I like on Pandora, I put them on my spotify playlist.

  • Mark N Hopgood

    I used to love pandora – I even wrote an OS based on its player. Then it was unavailable in the UK. So that’s why spotify gained ground. POPGOS!

  • Evan Rosenberg

    I have, no ads, for $5/month you can get the computer version (thru a browser) and for another $5/month a version for your smart phone. No ads!

  • MulletReeve

    Pandora is for people with mainstream musical tastes, who just want to be spoonfed stuff that’s just like the other stuff they listen to, without wanting to explore the other tracks from albums that those songs are on. On Pandora, you can’t link to the track’s album and immediately check out all the other songs, or gasp, LISTEN to the whole album. And it’s algorithm might be “better”, but with 20 times LESS music than Spotify, how much exploration are you really getting? Plus, Pandora’s look and feel is just… norm. No thanks. I don’t want a music app that looks like LinkedIn.

  • captain obvious


  • Alright