Technological Revolution! [infographic]

August 11, 2011 |  by  |  Tech

I’ve seen quite a bit of change in the way we conduct our daily lives. I don’t always go behind the scenes to research upcoming technologies, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when big new things come out. In the present day, the big new thing is cloud hosting. Every time I visit a data center, I feel like I’m looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted on old technology. Of course, local severs still make sense for large companies, but for startups and small business, why not use the cloud? Even some big names are fully invested in could services. Netflix, Posterous, and all use cloud solutions.

This infographic highlights big inventions that impact our lifestyles greatly. It does a good job of getting lots of cool info into one piece. I must say however I’d like to see more of the ‘graphic’ section of infographic. There’s definitely some cool statistics and charts that could be thrown in with all these great ideas. A cool fact you may not catch a first glance: 2.8 million e-mails are sent every second! [Via]

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  • Jimbo

    I guess these are cool (these infographics in general), but in the end, they’re just ads!  (most of them).

  • ahsiang

    @Jimbo, there is no free lunch in this world :)

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  • KnhoJ123

    The First car thing is a little misleading. Many people think that Ford invented the car or was the first to build one, but they’ve been around for years before hand. And though the section says it produced “IT’S first car”  it still could reinforce peoples ignorance on the subject. Especially when most or the rest of the article is focused on firsts, and Ford pionered the modern assembly line (though not the first in this either).
    I know I’m being nitpicky and probably annoying, but it’s a subject that commonly irks me.  I don’t believe it’s a case of people being fed lies or the wrong information, but how it’s packaged, and the fact that most of us humans only retain parts of everything told to us and that causes our knowledge to become skewed.
    but enough of me being THAT guy.

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