Top 10 States With Highest Computer Job Salaries [infographic]

November 30, 2013 |  by  |  Business, Tech

Are you unemployed? Are you in need of a new job? Are you tired of working endless hours for a less than competent salary while taking crap from a slimy boss at a dead-end job? Of course you are. You’re through with being pushed around by “the man” and listening to Tina talk about her stupid dog or her stupid kid. And what’s with the water that tastes like cleaner? I mean, could they purify that stuff a little more? It doesn’t quite taste like Windex yet. Seriously, curse those blue 5 gallon buckets and the distilled “water” within.  It’s time for a new gig. One that meets the cost of living and then some. One that says, “Hey, this guy is important, and he’s perty dern good.”

It’s time to start working with computers.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Computers? Puh-lease. Why don’t I just watch an episode of Star Trek and collect anime figurines while I’m at it?” And now you’re thinking: “What is this intriguing opportunity of which you speak, dear Wizard?”

Listen unto me, brothers and sisters; I have been to the edges of the universe, and I have braved the coldest of winds and the driest of deserts to inform you that within employment  in a computer job lies the goblet of life, love, and eternal happiness. In my travels, I uncovered this infographic from the skeleton of a monk, hidden deep within the Tomb of the Holy. Fingernail engravings in the stones that lay beside him read, “He who seeks a $50,000 + salary shall find it amongst computer-related occupations. To whomever shall find this infographic, remember that Colorado has the highest average pay. You’ll want to move there.” [View the entire IT Salary Report]






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  • Painter in Riverside

    The future is computers and robots get in now, or you can be self employed. I assume in the near future 50 percent of humans will start there own small business, it just makes sense. Painter in Riverside CA

  • Lord Byng

    Odd that these salaries still exist when there are reports like the one from Britain stating that the graduates with the highest unemployment rates these days are computer science grads. It’s likely that people with the perfect experience command these kinds of salaries. But only those chosen few. There are not many CS jobs out there any more.

    • Barry Jones

      Programmers are seemingly in high-demand just about everywhere in the US. Just about every company I know that hires programmers is constantly looking for programmers.

      • William Brown

        Yep, there is a “high demand”, but low pay. Big company executives are working hard with the US government and institutions like this one to push wages down. One tactic is to flood the market by touting high salaries. And, they are succeeding well.

        Ex coworker of mine developed a suite of products that made millions for executives, personally. Instead of rewarding him, they sought out replacements for everyone in India, let everyone go, and retired bought a couple new homes around the country each, new luxury vehicles, and lavish lifestyles while watching ex employees struggle. After months he had to settle for job where the executives in a large hospital described his position as “entry level” but requiring 10+ years experience, responsible for all the software that makes the hospital run… and a yearly salary of just over $25,000.

        Before you invest your money and life into something, better ask those that are still remaining in the field, in the US of course.

        • Barry Jones

          There’s no such thing as high demand, low pay. If there is low pay, you’re in an area where there is either high supply or you’re in an industry where software isn’t considered critical. If one guy is responsible for all of the software that makes a hospital run he has vendor backing for all of it and it doing little more than IT maintenance work. Tell him to move to Greenville, SC. Recruiters beat my doors down begging for people with .NET skills, DBA/ETL/BI, Java, and Ruby on Rails. You can almost dictate your terms as an Android developer because it’s so hard to find them around here. iOS is in high demand too. You’ll likely be looking between $60 – $85k depending on your experience level and if you’re really good potentially even higher than that…and this is a LOW cost of living area so that ends up being excellent compensation.

  • xe dap dien

    yhmmm, Good salary. i really like it :(

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  • jay

    Your description of a “computer job” makes it obvious that you do not have one.
    I’ve been working as an IT business programmer for the past 15 years.

    Idiot managers? check
    stupid demanding clients? check
    long thankless hours? check
    high stress? check
    80-100 hour work weeks? Been there, done that. Annnd they don’t have to pay overtime cause you are on salary :)
    On call 24/7 to fix problem? check
    Since you are always connected, you can’t leave your work at work either.

    Hey! that patch we rolled out broke everything. Yeah, umm, work till its fixed.
    Hey! Client X needs this program written by next week cause i promised it. Yeah, umm, work till its done.
    Hey! Great job! no bonus for you!
    Hey! that code you wrote 1 year ago? It doesn’t work anymore because Microsoft, and Java, and all of the browsers have changed so, ummm, redo everything so that it works with all possible versions while not breaking anything existing.
    While you are at it get recertified in everything that has changed in the past year. On your own time.

    So unless you are absolutely commited to this profession and lifestyle, can stare at a computer screen for 14 hours at a time working with unrealistic schedules and poor project management for customers who want it right, right now, with no downtime all while understanding multiple stacks of technology and how they relate to each other, you really don’t know what it is like having a “computer job”.

    • William Brown

      I hear ya. I worked over 80 hours last week. Got no recognition,
      but did learn that project managers had someone else duplicate my effort
      on the other side of the world while I struggled to meet their
      unreasonable demands.

      Many years ago, I got a call to
      come back into the office, to leave the hospital minutes after holding
      my new born child, to revise some code and do a new build. Pat on the

      When I was young, I rarely was tired or ill, but
      the first time I caught the flu and took a day off, my boss came to my
      house, knocked on the door to see if I was truly sick

      I’m old. Tired, seriously ill, and just need to take care of my family. It’s a struggle, living one day at a time. Still, I’ve watched
      executive after executive come and go at companies. Each time, they
      “restructure” and “boost profits” and their personal bonuses by simply
      “brilliantly” sending jobs to India and Russia. Then, they aptly leave and go
      to another company and do the same. It’s causing wages to plummet,
      quality to go down, and truly a destruction to the American economy…
      but at least they are doing well for themselves.

      think only a fool would enter this industry right now, unless they are
      doing so with negotiations and contracts like a book author or actor.
      Or perhaps owning the business themselves.

  • William Brown

    Hope all the job searchers and students out there are looking at the source of “job data” like this. You see the institute name in the credits? They certainly have a reason to cherry pick data points. Even the US BLS does a great job of massaging information at the behest of corporate influence. These same companies are the ones that are outsourcing jobs and requesting of our government “representatives” that we allow more H1B visas.

    If you want a great job, one where you can take care of yourself and your family (like a grown-up), you need to

    1) have a job that can’t be outsourced by a company executive looking too boost their lifestyle to the detriment of yours and the entire company’s. (Yeah, that’s two separate issues, but in this industry they are very entangled.

    2) Own the product. If you spend years and countless hours writing a book, producing a movie, developing a technology that saves others time and money, would you give it away for a base salary? Hell no. Well, that is what executives expect of software developers. You can rest assured, that if you are a great developer you will build something valuable and it will be taken, sold, many times over, and as soon as possible you will be let go.

    You will be let go sooner if they can get you to train your replacement in India or Russia. Your competition isn’t down the road, or a few states over, earning wages similar to you. Nope, your competition lives in a country without equal labor laws, and a cost of living that is a tiny fraction of yours. Think about earning $6,000 a year. That’s the going rate and the down pressure on US salaries.

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  • Dean Jones

    Big Data and cloud service are getting popular and the experienced engineers are getting plum jobs with hefty salaries.