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June 13, 2011 |  by  |  Gaming

Go Mavs! For those of you who did not see the NBA Finals game last night you missed the Mavs whoopin up on the Miami Heat. Now that basketball is over what are we supposed to do to kill time the rest of summer? Go outside? Hang out with friends? Perhaps go to a movie? If you happen to have an extra $10 laying around your should definitely check out one of the many, what seem to good, movies coming out.

Although summer seems to have become the time for super hero movies, every so often a video game movie is released. Today’s infographic, Video Game Movies by the Numbers, ranks the top grossing video game movies. The top grossing being Lara Croft: Tomb Raider having drawn in $274,703,340. Lara Croft of course was played by Angelina Jolie, one of four Oscar winners to in a video game movie.

Overall it does not seem as though video games translate very well into movies, as evidenced by the highest video game movie rating by Rotten Tomato at a mere 43%. Hopefully all you geeks out there enjoy today’s post! [via]

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Video Game Movies By The Numbers

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